Win $80,000 In Registration With "Automated Trading Championship" Forex Contest

As the title of this article saying everything, that the Author of Forex Trading software's will win a prize of $80,000.MetaQuotes Software corporation is a company who deals in the Automatic Forex Trading software's and every year they held a competition in between the Automatic Forex Trading software's, and the Software who wins the competition will win lots of awesome prize.But the prize of this year is truly big and awesome, the MetaQuotes Software corp officially announced the launch of its Automatic Trading Competition 2012 and the registration for the competition is started all the Author's of Automatic Forex Trading Software's will able take part in this competition and one lucky winner will win the prize of $80,000.

So guys who have their own Automatic Forex Trading software, don't wait just register in this competition for free and make a place to win the huge prize of $80,000.And all those who doesn't have this software but knows to design then don't wait design your software as fast as possible and get a chance to win the prize.

About The Automatic Trading Championship

The Automated Trading Championship is an annual competition which held every year from the last six years.At the very first time the competition was held in 2006 and that time the participants and the tools are very low but with the time and the popularity of this competition there will a huge increase in its participants and its competition.In one of the competition one will able to win the Competition by increasing its initial deposit with 17 times in just 3 months from its Automatic Forex Trading robot (Software).

The main goal of this competition is to increase the knowledge base of all the Forex Traders towards the automatic software's for Forex Trading.Since in the past the knowledge is not enough and that's why the software's are not able to earn so much in Forex Trading but as the Knowledge of their Author's increases they do some changes in their software's and now the Software's will able to earn tons of  money without any help of any person in the Forex Trading.And after the championship overs all the analysis and the trading information done by robot is available for general people for further references.

To maximize the event coverage the company MetaQuotes Software corp has launched a website also in which you find all the necessary information which is essential of you to help you in the competition and also the detailed information on the competitions already held in past.So search the website and register yourself in the Automated Trading Championship-2012 (ATC-2012).

How To Take Part In The Championship.???
  1. First you have to visit on the website of the company for registering yourself in the championship.
  2. For this championship you have your own Forex Trading Robot, and is well trained with techniques for gaining maximum profit in the Forex Trading in 3 months.
  3. The registration for this championship is open for all till 21st September 2012, so register yourself before this date
  4. The competition will held from 1st October 2012 till 28th December 2012.
  5. The Winner of this championship will win a prize of $80,000.
These are the headed guideline's and for more information on how to take part in the Automated Trading Championship you have to visit the companies website for more detailed information.

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